Photos taken May 11, 2002


This is "Kruger", a Blue Throated Macaw also called a Caninde Macaw, hatched May 30, 2001.
This photo is quite true to color. See information as to color variance below.


The BTM is a very rare breed of bird and it is estimated that there are only some 200 of these birds in the wild (Bolivia) and extremely limited numbers elsewhere as well.

Kruger Kruger

"Kruger's" photo on the right is much closer to true color.

Both of the above photos were taken in the same light from a slightly different angle and you can easily see the color difference. "Kruger" is a rich turquoise color with an incredible, iridescent metallic sheen, making true color photography quite difficult.
Kruger Kruger

"Kruger" is truly a vision of paradise.

"Kruger" is a Caninde aka Blue Throated Macaw hatched on May 30, 2001.
He is a DNA sexed Male who came to live with us on May 11, 2002.

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